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Far more importantly, we make special parts according to equipped drawings/samples and warmly welcome OEM inquiries. Our solution variety also addresses locking assemblies (clamping aspects/locking unit), taper bushes, QD bushes, bolt-on hubs, torque limiters, shaft collars, motor bases and motor slides, chain detachers, chain guides, universal joint, rod ends and yokes. There is a complex middle of province amount, EPG academician doing work station, experiment station for EPG put up doctors, and countrywide 863 system set up in EPG team. With these platforms and strong technical capacity, the more than 400 experts have produced all selection of unique substantial exact and high strength goods, performed mold applications for crucial elements in the auto and national industry revitalizing program, ensuing a lot more than 5000 developed more than, among which 33 objects are autonomous patent technology with four patent accredited . EPT EPT for EPT Washing Plant Item Description:


ZJ slurry pump is substantial efficiency, power preserving, wear-resisting items, in accordance to the principle of least reduction style, effortless choice, vibration light-weight, minimal sound. This sequence of pump stream elements utilizing substantial hardness alloy hybrid content, higher abrasion resistance, influence resistance, so as to improve the support life. The pump delivery of the largest concentrations: Mortar 45%, sixty% of the pulp. JCEP sort can use direct coupling, belts, EPT, frequency handle of motor speed and so on, also might in sequence or pXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.lel. Shaft seal sort mainly spend impeller and EPTT and mechanical seal. EPT head framework for double hull vertical open up, outlet situation in accordance to 45 levels of interval rotating eigEPTT different place set up and use.

two. EPT EPT for EPT Washing Plant Notation

two hundred-Discharge diameter(mm)
I-Single or primary pump
A-EPTTeller blade number
sixty-EPTTeller diameter(mm)

EPT EPT for EPT Washing Plant

Kind Pace Capacity EPT NPSH
rpm m sup3/h m m
300ZJ-I-100A 490/590 758-1826 40.nine-65.two three-four.1
300ZJ-I-95A 490/590 720-1735 36.nine-58.8
300ZJ-I-90A 590/730 745-1844 46.2-seventy nine.9 3.9-five.7
300ZJ-I-85A 590/730 704-1742 forty one.two-71.3 three.eight-five.six
300ZJ-I-70A 730/980 945-2333 35.5-76.eight 3.nine-7
300ZJ-I-65A 730/980 877-2166 thirty.6-sixty six.2 3.7-six.six
300ZJ-I-56A 730/980 588-1568 21.five-forty six three.5-5.5
250ZJ-103A 590/730 593-1573 64.6-a hundred and ten.5 two.eight-4.three
250ZJ-I-96A 590/730 595-1466 55.two-93.7 three.five-five.five
250ZJ-I-90A 590/730 558-1374 48.5-eighty two.4 3.4-five.three
250ZJ-I-85A 730/980 560-1504 three.5-5.five
250ZJ-I-83A 730/980 547-1469 three.5-five.5
250ZJ-I-80A 730/980 527-1416 59.two-114 three.4-five.four
250ZJ-I-78A 730/980 514-1380 fifty six.3-108.four
250ZJ-I-75A 730/980 447-1480 46.two-ninety seven.five 3-4.1
250ZJ-I-73A 730/980 435-1441 forty three.8-ninety two.4 3-four.1
250ZJ-I-70A 730/980 417-1381 forty.two-84.9 two.nine-three.9
250ZJ-I-68A 730/980 405-1342
250ZJ-I-65A 730/980 445-1249 34.1-seventy one 3-four.5
250ZJ-I-63A 730/980 431-1211 three-4.five
250ZJ-I-60A 730/980 411-1153 two.eight-4.2
200ZJ-I-85A 730/980 329-907 seventy 2.8-5
200ZJ-I-75A 730/980 335-900 50.five-102.9 three-four.5
200ZJ-I-73A 730-980 326-876 47.8-ninety seven.5 three-4.5
200ZJ-I-70A 730/980 305-976 forty three.1-86.four 2.8-three.eight
200ZJ-I-68A 730/980 296-948 40.7-81.five two.8-three.eight
200ZJ-I-65A 730/980 350-950 36.four-seventy two 2.5-4.3
200ZJ-I-63A 730/980 339-921 34.2-67.six two.five-four.3
200ZJ-I-60A 730/980 324-870 30.8-sixty two two.5-4
200ZJ-I-58A 730/980 313-841 28.eight-57.nine two.five-four
150ZJ-I-70A 730/980 139-401 forty four.three-ninety one.two two-3
150ZJ-I-65A 730/980 223-600 two.five-4
150ZJ-I-63A 730/980 216-582 36.two-seventy two.five-4
150ZJ-I-60A 730/980 201-550 32.6-63.5 2.five-three.8
150ZJ-I-58A 730/980 194-532 thirty.5-59.3 2.five-three.8
150ZJ-I-55A 730/980 184-504 27.four-fifty three.4 two.3-three.5
150ZJ-I-58C 730/980 two hundred-596 28.four-sixty one two-3.2
150ZJ-I-57A 730/980 142-427 29.four-56.3 one.8-two.nine
150ZJ-I-50A 730/980 171-460 21-43.1 two.five-three
150ZJ-I-48A 730/980 164-442 2.five-3
150ZJ-I-42C 980/1480 199-550 23.eight-62.8 two.2-4.5
100ZJ-I-50A 980/1480 119-360 forty.2-100.two 2.5-four.5
100ZJ-I-46A 980/1480 109-331 34-eighty four.eight 2.three-4.two
100ZJ-I-42A 980/1480 ninety three-275 28.7-70.eight 2.five-four
100ZJ-I-39A 980/1480 86~571-8822571/882209735 24.7-sixty one two.four-three.8
100ZJ-I-42B 980/1480 64-205 1.8-two.eight
100ZJ-I-36A 980/1480 86~571-8822571/882209735 19-forty nine.5 2-three.5
100ZJ-I-33A 980/1480 seventy nine-225 16-41.6 one.eight-3.2
80ZJ-I-52A 980/1480 71-242 forty three.4-109.8
80ZJ-I-42A 980/1480 86~571-8822571/882209734 two.5-four.2
80ZJ-I-39A 980/1480 80-189 2.4-four
80ZJ-I-36A 980/1480 65-one hundred ninety one.4 2.5-3.7
80ZJ-I-33A 980/1480 sixty-174 fifteen.7-forty three.two two.three-3.four
65ZJ-I-30A 980/1480 31-seventy nine 13.8-34.eight two-three
65ZJ-I-27A 980/1480 28-71 eleven.2-28.two
50ZJ-I-50A 980/1480 38-111 forty three.8-110.7 3-3.8
50ZJ-I-46A 980/1480 31-94 34.three-eighty five.eight one.4-two.nine
50ZJ-I-33A 980/1480 17-54 14.5-forty two.5 two.nine-six
40ZJ-I-17A 1400/2900 4-23 9.1-forty four.6 2.five-4.five

  in Nyala Sudan  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Slurry Pump for Gold Washing Plant manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler